Thursday, 25 November 2010

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The 'Did I Tell You?' Launch Event...

was a magical evening full of amazing poetry. Over 130 people came along, including over 50 contributors, and we were treated to some wonderful readings, which really brought the poems alive. The readers were:

  • Dorothy Fryd: Dusky
  • Gary Studley: Mine
  • Alison McNaught: Elephant
  • Wendy French: From We Have a Little Sister and She Hath No Breasts (Song of Solomon)
  • Michael Curtis: Christmas Concert
  • Megan Watkins: Sharing a Shell
  • Vanessa Gebbie: Her on the Corner
  • Mark Holihan: It’s Rose
  • Victoria-Anne Bulley: The Photograph
  • Vicky Wilson: Migration
  • Abegail Morley: Make Me Love You
  • Nicky Gould: The Spoils of War
  • Daphne Gloag: The Children’s Charity Concert: Matter and Antimatter
  • Sue Rose: The Labour Room
  • Patricia Debney: Half Shell for Molly
  • Lorraine Kashdan-Lougher: My Daughter Taught Me Gravity
  • Harriet Proudfoot: Bone Vibrations, Harvest
  • Lyn White: Robert’s Blossom
  • Jeremy Page: Seeing Cats
  • Jo Field: Mirror Moons
  • David Herd: And Some Might Call It Singing

Saturday, 13 November 2010

'Did I Tell You?' in action!

Myra Schneider and Janice Fixter read their poems from Did I Tell You? at the Poets Anonymous Festival in October. Myra Schneider

Janice Fixter